Aerial Adventures

We offer multiple tours to fit every need and budget. We suggest picking a tour option that covers the areas of your interest. Our Guides are happy to answer your questions and tailor a flight that fits your desires.

Weather can sometimes play a role in the ability to visit certain areas by air. Our pilots are safety experts and will adjust flight routes accordingly when necessary, in order to maximize your viewing experience.

Children of all ages are welcome to fly with us! If your child (or children!) are under two years of age, they may occupy a parents lap and will fly for free! Any child over the age of two will require their own seat. We typically require children under 13 to fly with an adult.

Great! And yes you can! Many of the destinations we serve can be combined and customized to fit what you want to see. We have the ability to fly outside of the area to other extraordinary destinations as well. Contact a guide today and let them help you design an unforgettable experience!

We specialize in assisting passengers with limited mobility! We will do everything in our power to safely provide jaw dropping experiences for all. We ask that you advise us in advance so that we can plan accordingly and have everything in place to deliver your experience in the smoothest and safest manner possible. This is one of the beautiful things about helicopters – We can provide unparalleled access to all with the least amount of impact to our environment.

Each of our aircraft have one front seat available on our tours. Usually this is determined on the day of your flight based on weight and balance requirements for the aircraft. Ask us about our Guaranteed Front Seat Program, you may qualify for this upgrade and can assure you will be sitting in the front! Weight restrictions apply based on the balance of the aircraft.

Yes! We encourage you to bring a camera and use it often! We do have a restriction on the use of Selfie devises such as sticks or extenders. Those are never allowed in or around our aircraft, as they could pose a hazard.

We do not allow flash photography of any kind on board, and you must always keep your hands (and camera) inside the aircraft.

For photographers, we can conduct photo specific flights for those interested in an aerial platform for their photography. Speak to one of our guides to arrange the details.

Believe it or not, most helicopter pilots are afraid of heights! We understand flying in a helicopter can be intimidating to some. That is perfectly OK! Our pilots are smooth and safe and will do an excellent job delivering your experience. It is very common for the anxiety to disappear within minutes of takeoff! Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

We do have some weight considerations that you need to be aware of. Many of our helicopters have a seat limit of 300lbs. We do have helicopters that can accommodate passengers over that weight. If the seatbelt can be fastened, you can fly. As with all passenger loading, weight and balance restrictions could play a role and occasionally passengers may be required to purchase an extra seat. We ask that you make this known when reserving your flight so we can be sure to have the right helicopter waiting for your adventure!

We welcome single flyers! There are some things you need to be aware of. First, we have a two-seat minimum to launch a flight. if you would like to enjoy the helicopter all to yourself, you can purchase the extra seats and fly on a personalized private adventure. Second, you can put your name on a list and join another group without having to pay for the extra seat. This is common during our busy times, and you are more than welcome to join us!

In many cases your aircraft will be private for you and your group but we do not guarantee that unless you select the private option. We reserve the right to combine groups of 2 or 3 when weight and balance allows. There is always an option to guarantee your private flight by selecting this option from the booking window.

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