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Flights start at 9AM daily, 7 days a week! May 7, 2021 - October 31, 2021 – Weather Permitting.
Flights start at 9AM daily, 7 days a week! May 8, 2021 - October 20, 2021 – Weather Permitting.
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This 35 mile journey explores the sacred beauty of the Black Hills. It is a marvelous adventure covering the South Central Black Hills. You’ll be transported around the magnificent Crazy Horse Monument, over to the beautiful Sylvan Lake, to the crest of Black Elk Peak, the majestic Mt Rushmore National Memorial, and the unique formations of the Needles and Cathedral Spires. $250 per person.

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As always walk-ins are  welcome!

Tour Information

Cost $255 per person
Heliport Crazy Horse Heliport
Flight Distance 35 miles

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For information about flights after October 11th please call us at (605) 673-2163

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